Five Little Nephites

“Five Little Nephites,” Friend, May 2007, 34

Five Little Nephites

One little Nephite writes a book.
(Show one finger, then open hands to look like a book.)

Two little Nephites take a look.
(Show two fingers, then make a circle with thumb and fingers on each hand and use them to look like binoculars.)

Three little Nephites on a boat.
(Show three fingers, then put one hand flat with the other hand upright on it to look like a sail.)

Four little Nephites see them float.
(Show four fingers, then put the four fingers on the palm of the other hand.)

Five little Nephites hand in hand,
(Show five fingers, then hold and shake your own hand.)

Make their home in the promised land.
(Use your fingers to form a pointed roof, then put both hands on your heart.)

Sign language

Illustration by Val Chadwick Bagley