Hidden Hymn Writers

    “Hidden Hymn Writers,” Friend, Apr. 2006, 40

    Hidden Hymn Writers

    Did you know that some of the hymns we sing in church were written by prophets and apostles? Look at the words from each song below. Colored letters spell the author’s name. Write the colored letters on the blank spaces of the same color, and then unscramble the letters to find out who wrote the hymn. If you need help, look in a hymnbook. After you have unscrambled the names match them to the faces above. (See below for answers.)

    Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith, by Alvin Gittins © 1959 IRI; Ezra Taft Benson © Busath.com

    1. “Truth Eternal” (Hymns, no. 4, verse 2)
      “Truth again restored to earth, opened with a prophet’s birth. Priests of heaven’s royal line bear the keys of truth divine!”

    2. “Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven” (Hymns, no. 327, verses 1–2)
      “Go, ye messengers of heaven, chosen by divine command; go and publish free salvation to a dark, benighted land.
      “Go to island, vale, and mountain; there fulfill the great command; gather out the sons of Jacob to possess the promised land.”

    3. “Does the Journey Seem Long?” (Hymns, no. 127, verse 1)
      “Does the journey seem long, the path rugged and steep? Are there briars and thorns on the way? Do sharp stones cut your feet as you struggle to rise to the heights thru the heat of the day?”

    4. “My Redeemer Lives” (Hymns, no. 135, verse 2)
      “He lives, my one sure rock of faith, the one bright hope of men on earth, the beacon to a better way, the light beyond the veil of death.”