Special Witness: Guess Who?

    “Special Witness: Guess Who?” Friend, Apr. 2006, 7

    Special Witness:

    Guess Who?

    Read the clues about this member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Then find the answer on page 48. The members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are prophets, seers, and revelators and stand as special witnesses of Jesus Christ. They have the responsibility to testify of Him to the whole world.

    1. His family emblem is a yoked ox. This symbolizes the faith and dedication his family members share with their ancestors, and the team of oxen represents the pulling together of the family.

    2. He has a deep love for the scriptures and often uses their teachings in discussions.

    3. His birthday is September 10. He grew up in Brigham City, Utah.

    4. Throughout his life he has enjoyed the outdoors, and likes to paint and make wood carvings of birds.

    5. In addition to teaching seminary, he also served as a city councilman for four years. He was later appointed an assistant administrator in the Church Educational System.

    6. He is Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

    7. When he was a boy, he won a prize at the Utah State Fair for a drawing of a bird.

    8. During World War II he was trained as a pilot. When the war ended, he was stationed in Japan for a year. While he was there, he and other LDS men in the military preached the gospel among the Japanese.

    9. He described his wife, Donna, as “a great and powerful motivating influence.” They were married in the Logan Utah Temple and have 10 children.

    Words of Wisdom

    “Remember that you are a child of our Heavenly Father. You lived with Him before you came to this earth. … Our Heavenly Father loves us, and we have a Lord and Savior. We can return and live with Him again” (“An Apostle Speaks to Children,” Friend, July 1973, 32).


    Photography courtesy of Packer family, do not copy

    Carved bird by Boyd K. Packer, courtesy Museum of Church History and Art