Your Friend
January 2006

“Your Friend,” Friend, Jan. 2006, 36–37

Your Friend

Did you know that you can have more fun with the Friend magazine besides doing the games and puzzles? Or that you can learn from more than just reading the stories? Here are some ways the Friend can help you and some ways you can help the Friend too.

Play Day

Use a story from the Friend as the plot for your own play. Gather your friends and have everyone read the same story. Then, choose parts, practice, and act it out.


The Friend has lots of great ideas. One way to remember them all is to make a book. Copy or remove the pages with your favorite ideas from the magazine, punch three holes in them, and keep them in a three-ring binder, adding ideas when you get your new issues of the Friend.

Other books you could make are a happy book, full of stories that will cheer you up on a sad day; a cookbook, using Kitchen Krafts ideas; a songbook, with songs written just for you; and a prophet book, full of statements and stories from the prophets and apostles. Little friends might like a picture book made from Friend illustrations glued onto heavy paper.

A Little Friendly Competition

Have your Primary class, a group of friends, or your family read a whole issue of the Friend magazine. Make up questions from the magazine, divide into two teams, and keep score as you quiz each other.

Arty Party

Gather your siblings and draw pictures about a similar theme, like prayer. You could also write a poem to go along with your picture. Send your creations to the Friend for Our Creative Friends.

Talks and Lessons

Use the Friend for ideas when you need to give a talk or lesson. Don’t just read a story, but tell your own story and use the Friend for more examples. With your parents’ permission and help, you can also search for Friend stories or activities on your topic at www.lds.org in the Gospel Library.

Share the Gospel

Your Friend magazine can help you share the gospel. Choose one story in the Friend each month and decide that you will follow the good example of the person in that story. Tell your family what you are trying to do, so they can help you. Your example will bless others.

When you come across a story you like or a fun game, you can invite a friend to read the story or do the activity with you. Tell your friend about your testimony of the gospel and the topic of the story or game. Find out if your friend would like his or her own copy of the magazine.

Your Great Ideas

We like to hear from you, so write to Friends by Mail, Friends in the News, or Trying to Be Like Jesus. Make sure your parents sign a statement giving their permission for your submission to be published.

Learn and Grow

Even though you can get a lot of entertainment from the Friend, the most important thing it can give you is an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ and to become more like Him. As you read the Friend, remember all you are learning about the gospel, and try to become a little better.

If you have items you would like to send the Friend, send them to:

Friend Editorial

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Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3220

United States of America

Illustrated by Elise Black