Book of Mormon Testimony
January 2006

“Book of Mormon Testimony,” Friend, Jan. 2006, 43

Book of Mormon Testimony

My family is from America, but we live in Japan and I attend a Japanese grade school. This year each student in my fifth grade class was assigned to give a book review. I decided to tell my class about the Book of Mormon. When it was my turn, I stood in front of the class and explained that the Book of Mormon was written by prophets of God long ago. I bore my testimony that reading the Book of Mormon can help us feel good and be happy. I showed them a copy of the Book of Mormon and offered to let anyone who wanted to have it to read.

Fifteen classmates requested a book to read, so my family got some more copies, and I spent the week marking special passages in the books. I carried as many as I could to school in my backpack each day until I had given one to each of the 15 students.

My teacher visited our home the next week to make sure it was OK for me to give away so many books. She asked my dad some questions about the Book of Mormon. I was able to write my testimony in a copy and give it to my teacher.

Emily O., age 11, Japan