Hurricane Peace

    “Hurricane Peace,” Friend, Oct. 2005, inside front cover

    Hurricane Peace

    In September 2004, lots of hurricanes hit Florida, where I live with my mom, dad, and sisters Morgie and Maddie. Our family had never been in a hurricane. We prepared to be inside for a few days and to maybe go without power for a few days. We also prayed that we would be kept safe during the storm. On September 5, church was cancelled because of Hurricane Frances. That Sunday was stormy and ugly outside, but inside we were safe. My mom and dad got permission from the bishop for us to have sacrament meeting at home. Mom and Morgie played the piano, and we sang. Dad blessed and passed the sacrament. Then everyone gave a talk. Morgie, Maddie, and I all gave our talks from the Friend. The storm was still blowing outside, but I felt peaceful inside.

    On September 26, 2004, Hurricane Jeanne came. When I found out church was going to be cancelled again, I knew we would sing songs, give talks, and have the sacrament at home. I was happy. Again it was stormy outside, but we felt peace inside.
    Rozzie Smith, age 8, with help from her mom, Orange Park, Florida