Conference ABCs
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“Conference ABCs,” Friend, Oct. 2005, 13

Conference ABCs

Play this alphabet game during conference. Next to each word, make a mark for every speaker who talks about the topic during each session. Write a short definition or draw a picture of what the word means. For any words you don’t know, ask a family member to help you. At the end of general conference, look at your list and tell your family what you have learned about each word.

A Atonement

N New Testament

B Baptism

O Obedience

C Covenants

P Priesthood

D Desire

Q Quorum

E Example

R Repentance

F Family

S Sabbath

G Gratitude

T Temple

H Happiness

U Urim and Thummim

I Integrity

V Valiant

J Jesus Christ

W Word of Wisdom

K Knowledge

X eXample

L Love

Y Yield to the Holy Spirit

M Marriage

Z Zion

Illustrated by Brad Teare