The Two-piece Bathing Suit
August 2005

“The Two-piece Bathing Suit,” Friend, Aug. 2005, 43

The Two-piece Bathing Suit

On a hot summer day, I went to play with a friend who is not a member of the Church. She wanted to go swimming, but I didn’t have a bathing suit. She said I could borrow one of hers. She pulled out a two-piece bathing suit. I said no. Finally she found a modest bathing suit that fit me.

I’m glad I chose the right by not wearing the two-piece bathing suit. I’m glad I was born in the Church and that my parents teach me what is right and what is wrong. I hope I can always choose the right so I can live with Heavenly Father someday.

Laura Jett, age 10, is a member of the Cape May Branch, Cherry Hill New Jersey Stake.

Illustrated by Apryl Stott