Scary Experience
August 2005

“Scary Experience,” Friend, Aug. 2005, inside front cover

Scary Experience

I had a scary experience when I was walking home from school. My mommy was pulling my little sister Corina in the sled, and I was walking a few steps behind. All of a sudden my mommy said, “Max! Come here now!” I didn’t know why she said it, but I obeyed. She grabbed my hand, and that’s when I saw the dog. He was half a block away and running quickly toward us. He started barking at us in a very scary way and jumping up in the air. I was scared he would bite us.

I started praying out loud. I asked Heavenly Father to make the dog stop chasing us. At that exact moment, the dog stopped. He turned around and went in the other direction, and we got home safely. I said another prayer to thank Heavenly Father for helping us. I know that Heavenly Father will help us when we pray and comfort us when we are scared.
Max Magee, age 6 (with help from his mom), Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada