Spring Flowers
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“Spring Flowers,” Friend, May 2005, 22

Spring Flowers

To make two flowers, you will need: a pencil, tracing paper, scissors, scraps of colored paper, glue, two 12″ (30 cm) chenille sticks (available in craft stores), and tape.

  1. Trace the flower, flower center, and leaf patterns onto the tracing paper and cut out.

  2. Trace the flower patterns on the colored paper twice and cut out. Then trace four leaves and cut out. Glue the flower centers and leaves in place (see illustration).

  3. Wrap a chenille stick around one of your fingers to form it into a coil. Tape or glue one end of the chenille stick to the back of a flower for the stem. Repeat with the other chenille stick. Place the flowers in the “Envelope Gift Basket.”

Spring flowers

Illustrated by Julie F. Young