Hand-Me-Down Blessings
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“Hand-Me-Down Blessings,” Friend, May 2005, 42

Hand-Me-Down Blessings

I was helping my four-year-old daughter, Emma, evaluate her clothing to see what we still needed to buy for school. She looked at the clothes spread all over the floor (most of them hand-me-downs) and said, “Oh, Mom! I have so many clothes. I am so lucky! Maybe we should give some of them to [Humanitarian Services] so the little child we saw in the Ensign* can have some, too!”

My heart was touched because she was not complaining about hand-me-downs. Instead, she saw that others had less and wanted to help. Emma is an example of the gratitude we all should have for the blessings our Savior has given us. He blesses us, and we should bless others.

  • “Church Sends Aid to Ethiopia,” News of the Church, Ensign, Jun. 2003, 76–77.

Emma Barlow, age 4, is a member of the Mindi Meadows Ward, Riverton Utah Central Stake.