Choices Maze

    “Choices Maze,” Friend, Feb. 2005, 26

    Choices Maze

    Every day we make many choices in our lives. With every decision, we must decide either to choose the right and follow Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ or to choose the wrong and make bad decisions that will lead us away from Heavenly Father. Follow the maze below. When you come to a fork in the maze, read both choices and decide which one to make. Choosing the right will eventually lead you to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, while making bad choices will lead you to dead ends and unhappiness.


    Illustrated by Brad Teare

    Say my prayers
    Don’t say prayers
    Don’t receive Heavenly Father’s help throughout the day.
    Be kind to new classmate at recess
    Make fun of new classmate at recess
    You miss the chance to make a new friend.
    Offer to share your lunch with a friend who has forgotten his lunch
    Keep all of your food for yourself
    Your friend is hungry, you don’t get the blessings that come from sharing.
    Decide not to cheat on your math test, but to do your best
    Decide to copy your neighbor’s math answers
    Your teacher catches you cheating. You get the failing grade you deserve and lose self-respect.
    Help your mom with the new baby after school
    Run off and play with your friends, even though you know your mom needs help
    Your mom is disappointed in you; you lose self-respect.
    Trying my best to keep the commandments every day
    Being selfish and not choosing the right every day
    Unhappiness and misery (see Alma 41:10)
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