‘I Love You This Much’ Card

    “‘I Love You This Much’ Card,” Friend, Feb. 2005, 12

    “I Love You This Much” Card

    To make a card for someone you love, you will need: a pencil, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ (22 x 28 cm) piece of paper, scissors, 2 strips of paper each 2″ x 11″ (5 x 28 cm), clear tape or glue, colored markers, crayons, and stickers (optional).

    1. Fold the large piece of paper in half widthwise. Place your hand on the paper, trace around it, then cut out. You should have two paper hands.

    2. Tape or glue the two strips of paper together to make one long strip. Print in large letters across the length of the strip: I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH! Use markers, crayons, or stickers to decorate the strip. Fold the strip like an accordion (see illustration).

    3. Tape or glue a hand to each end of the strip, making sure the hands face the same direction (see illustration).

    4. Print a greeting on the top of the first hand, such as “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Happy Birthday.” On the opposite side of the hand, print: “Dear _______ .” Then sign your name on the other hand. Decorate the hands.