A Primary Talk

“A Primary Talk,” Friend, Sept. 2004, inside front cover

A Primary Talk

During a family home evening, my parents told my sister and me some exciting news. Our family was going to adopt a child. It seemed like it took forever, but finally my parents brought home our little brother. On 16 October 2001, we went to the Ogden Utah Temple so that my brother could be sealed to our family. I would like to tell you about that special day.

Because I had been baptized, I had to meet with the bishop to get a temple recommend. Our bishop was very nice as he asked me questions about keeping the commandments. He asked me if I had a testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He also asked me if I believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that President Hinckley is the prophet today. He asked me if I paid my tithing and if I went to church. I answered yes to these questions and was given a recommend.

On the day we went to the temple, we dressed in our best church clothes. When I got to the temple, a man asked to see my recommend. I showed it to him and was allowed to enter the temple.

Inside the temple I changed into a white dress. The rest of my family changed into white clothes also. While our friends and other family members gathered in the sealing room, we waited in a room where there were toys and nice people who gave us a snack. Then they brought us to the sealing room. A man holding the priesthood said a special prayer and sealed my brother to our family for time and all eternity. He then pointed to the mirrors that face each other in the sealing room. He held us children up so that we could see into them. The mirrors reflect into each other, and the reflections never end. This reminds us of eternity and that our family can be together forever. Finally, everyone left the sealing room except for our family. We stayed and talked about the day when we children will go to the temple to be married.

I felt the Holy Ghost in the temple. I know that the temple is Heavenly Father’s house, and that He wants all of us to live worthily to go there so we can receive all of the blessings He has prepared for us.

Sara Carver, age 8
Ogden, Utah

Ogden Temple photograph by John Telford