My Family

“My Family,” Friend, Sept. 2004, 13

My Family

Running a race with the wind in my hair,

I’m zooming along, gliding on air!

Jill is winning, followed by John,

Clay and Jennifer, Nicky and Ron.

Then there is me; I am the last.

I love to run, but I’m not very fast!

When the race is over, Jill is the winner.

She’s the best runner, but I’m the best swimmer.

John is great at throwing a ball.

When we play soccer, Clay’s best of all.

Jennifer can juggle, Ron plays the drums,

Nicky likes to sing while the rest of us hum!

We’re each good at something, all different and fun—

soccer and swimming, or taking a run!

We all have fun in so many ways,

the best of friends in whatever we play.

It just doesn’t matter whatever we choose,

if we’re having fun, there’s no way to lose!

Illustrated by Brad Teare