Jesus Was Nice
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“Jesus Was Nice,” Friend, May 2004, 47

Jesus Was Nice

Jesus was nice to everyone, and He always helped people. I try to be like Jesus by helping my family. I like to put things away and help clean around the house. I try to be cheerful about doing my chores. I also like to make people feel better. If I see someone who is sad, I go over and try to cheer them up. One time when I had to get my chicken-pox shot, there was a girl my age who had to have her shot, too. She was crying, so I went over to tell her that it wouldn’t hurt much. I stayed by her until it was my turn to get my shot. When I came back out, I told her it wasn’t bad at all. She smiled at me and wasn’t scared anymore. I felt good that I helped her feel better. I always feel good when I help someone.

Morgan Harris, age 5, is a member of the Highland 17th Ward, Highland Utah East Stake.

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