A Good Day

    “A Good Day,” Friend, May 2004, 28

    A Good Day

    I woke up very early.

    I was happy all day long.

    I never said a naughty word,

    But smiled and hummed a song.

    I obeyed my dear, sweet mother

    When she said to clean my room.

    I helped my dad and grandpa

    By sweeping with my broom.

    I read a long, long story

    To my little sister, Kate.

    I helped my Great-aunt Sally

    Bake and frost a cherry cake.

    I walked the dog an hour,

    Cleaned the birdcage, fed the cat,

    Carried out the garbage pail—

    I even took a nap.

    It makes me feel so happy

    When I finish all my tasks.

    I’ve done everything I should.

    I hope this feeling lasts.