A Higher Level

“A Higher Level,” Friend, Mar. 2004, 39

A Higher Level

A big figure skating competition was going to be held in my town. I would be skating against 10 other girls. The problem was that my event was scheduled on a Sunday. I didn’t want to skate on Sunday.

My other option was to skate in a higher level. This competition would be held on Saturday, but I would be the youngest in the division and would have to compete against 18 skaters instead of 10. Three of them had already competed at Junior Nationals.

My mother left the decision up to me. I followed my heart and did what I knew to be right. I skated on Saturday in the higher level. I practiced really hard and was blessed with the first-place score and the gold medal.

Even more rewarding than winning was the good feeling I had from choosing the right.

Karalee Calaway, age 11, is a member of the Pasco Third Ward, Pasco Washington Stake.

Illustrated by Elise Black