Family Reunion

“Family Reunion,” Friend, Mar. 2004, 48

Family Reunion

You’re invited to an international family reunion! Match by sight or sound the names for the Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish relatives on the left with their English translations on the right.

1. sønn (Norwegian)

a. niece

2. kuzyn (Polish)

b. father

3. nonna (Italian)

c. sister

4. Neffe (German)

d. brother

5. padre (Spanish)

e. son

6. syestra (Russian)

f. aunt

7. onkel (Danish)

g. grandmother

8. dotter (Swedish)

h. mother

9. bratr (Czech)

i. nephew

10. tant (Swedish)

j. daughter

11. maman (French)

k. uncle

12. Nichte (German)

l. cousin