New Testament Food

    “New Testament Food,” Friend, Nov. 2003, 7

    New Testament Food

    Read each clue below, then match it with one of the New Testament foods listed.

    To check your answers, look up the scriptures.



    Garden herbs and spices that were paid as tithing by the scribes and Pharisees. (See Matt. 23:23.)



    After the Savior was resurrected, He ate this food with His Apostles. (See Luke 24:42–43.)



    Jesus talks about these fruits at the conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount. (See Matt. 7:16–20.)



    Two things John the Baptist ate. (See Mark 1:6.)



    A boy’s lunch that was blessed by Jesus, and then it miraculously fed 5,000 people. (See John 6:9–13.)



    Food eaten by the Savior and His Apostles as part of the Passover. (See Luke 22:1, 7–8.)

    a. Locusts and honey
    b. Mint, anise, and cummin
    c. Broiled fish and honeycomb
    d. Unleavened bread
    e. Five barley loaves and two fishes
    f. Grapes and figs


    • (1) b, (2) c, (3) f, (4) a, (5) e, (6) d

    Photos by Steve Bunderson and PhotoDisc