Latter-day Prophets Matching Game

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“Latter-day Prophets Matching Game,” Friend, Nov. 2003, 46

Latter-day Prophets Matching Game

Heavenly Father has blessed us with prophets to lead us in these latter days. President Gordon B. Hinckley is the fifteenth prophet of the Church. You can play this matching game in family home evening to learn something about each of these prophets.

Instructions: Remove pages 46–47 and mount them on lightweight cardboard. Cut out the pictures of the prophets and the descriptions, then place them faceup. A player picks a prophet, then matches it with a description (others can help, if needed). Repeat until all the prophets have been selected.

1. Joseph Smith

2. Brigham Young

3. John Taylor

4. Wilford Woodruff

5. Lorenzo Snow

6. Joseph F. Smith

7. Heber J. Grant

8. George Albert Smith

9. David O. McKay

10. Joseph Fielding Smith

11. Harold B. Lee

12. Spencer W. Kimball

13. Ezra Taft Benson

14. Howard W. Hunter

15. Gordon B. Hinckley

Paintings of Presidents of the Church

Paintings of Presidents of the Church by unknown, John Willard Clawson, A. Westwood, H. E. Peterson, Lewis A. Ramsey, Albert E. Salzbrenner, Charles J. Fox, Lee Greene Richards, Alvin Gittins, Shauna Clinger, David Ahrnsbrak, Judith Mehr, Knud Edsberg, and William F. Whittaker

Events in the lives of Presidents of the Church

Photos by Craig Dimond, Eldon K. Linschoten, Matt Reier, Christina Smith, unknown, Tamra Hamblin, Derek Smith, Steve Bunderson, and Jed Clark

A. He was the first to counsel us to have family home evening.

F. He dedicated the Salt Lake Temple in 1893.

K. He taught the importance of hard work in developing talents.

B. He led the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley.

G. He received the Silver Buffalo Award from the Boy Scouts of America for his service.

L. He translated the Book of Mormon.

C. He taught the importance of paying tithing.

H. He asked us to live more Christlike lives and to prepare to go to the temple.

M. He led the Church in extensive temple building.

D. He said, “Every member a missionary.”

I. He encouraged us to keep a journal.

N. He helped establish the current welfare program.

E. He emphasized the importance of studying the Book of Mormon.

J. He saw Joseph Smith martyred in Carthage Jail. His life was saved when a bullet was stopped by his watch.

O. He was a great scriptorian, and during his administration the Friend magazine was first published.