Heeding the Holy Ghost
January 2002

“Heeding the Holy Ghost,” Friend, Jan. 2002, 38–39

Heeding the Holy Ghost

Harold B. Lee
Events in the life of Harold B. Lee

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

Harold B. Lee grew up on a farm. One day, he followed his father out into the fields.

While he waited for his father to finish working, Harold played in the dirt and made toys out of pebbles and sticks.

After a while, he grew bored. He looked across the barbed-wire fence into the neighbor’s yard and saw some broken down buildings and sheds.

Harold: I should go exploring! Those buildings can be a castle.

Harold jumped up and ran toward the fence. Then he heard a voice.

“Harold, don’t go over there.”

Harold: What, Papa?

He spun around, but his father wasn’t there. He looked in every direction, but he was alone.

He wondered why he shouldn’t go into the old buildings. He didn’t know why, but he knew that the Spirit had warned him. He ran back from the fence.

When his father came, he found Harold right where he had left him.

Father: Ready to go home, Harold?

Harold: Yes, Papa. Let’s go.

Harold never knew what danger lurked inside the old buildings. Perhaps the rotting timbers would have caved in on him. Maybe there were wild animals inside. No matter what the danger was, he was happy that he had followed the prompting of the Holy Ghost to stay out of harm’s way.

(See Ensign, November 1971, page 17.)