President Heber J. Grant Crossword
January 2002

“President Heber J. Grant Crossword,” Friend, Jan. 2002, 23

President Heber J. Grant Crossword

You can learn about President Heber J. Grant, the seventh President of the Church, by doing this crossword puzzle. Read the clues, then fill in the puzzle by choosing the correct answer from the list.

Crossword puzzle


sewing machine

Brigham Young





tithe payers




  1. President Heber J. Grant was especially kind to __________. He gave them money, and he and his wife took them on automobile rides.

  2. Although he was once teased because he played this sport so poorly, he practiced and practiced and eventually helped his team win the state championship.

  3. He felt that Church leaders should try especially hard to live the gospel. When called to be a stake president, he promised his stake that he would not ask them to be more honest _______________ than he would be or to keep the Word of Wisdom more firmly than he would keep it.

  4. When he was just a few days old, his father died of pneumonia. He and his mother were so poor that they only had this many plates in their home—and two of those were cracked!

  5. When classmates told him his _____________ looked like hen tracks, he worked so hard to improve that he won a penmanship award.

  6. He was great at math and memorization but had a harder time with this subject.


  1. While growing up, President Grant often attended family prayers at the home of this leader of the Church.

  2. His mother made clothing for a living. He often stayed up until midnight to pump the pedal on her ________________ while she guided the material through it.

  3. President Grant promised children that they would be ____________ when they helped other people.

  4. He disliked leaving his family. When he had to be away for Church assignments, he wrote many of these to remind them of his love.


  • Across—(2) widows, (3) baseball, (5) tithe payers, (8) six, (9) handwriting, (10) spelling. Down—(1) Brigham Young, (4) sewing machine, (6) happy, (7) letters.