Turkey Blessings Puzzle/Game

“Turkey Blessings Puzzle/Game,” Friend, Nov. 2001, 38

Turkey Blessings Puzzle/Game

Cut out this page and glue it to heavy paper. When the glue is dry, print the name of a favorite blessing on the tip of each tail feather. Color each feather a different color or combination of colors. Cut out the whole turkey, and then cut out each tail feather separately.

Your family can put the turkey together like a puzzle, each person choosing a blessing and telling why he is grateful for it as he adds that feather. Or you can play Pin the Blessings on the Turkey. Tape the turkey body on the wall. Put tape on the back of each blessing feather. Blindfold each player in turn, spin him around, and let him try to “pin” a feather on the turkey where it belongs.


Illustrated by Julie F. Young

It’s tough to be a turkey

Who’s plain old boring brown.

Please count your many blessings

And turn my life around.

A feather for each blessing

Will make a brighter me.

And every color will reveal

How grateful you can be.