Thanksgiving Pies
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“Thanksgiving Pies,” Friend, Nov. 2001, 48

Thanksgiving Pies

The Smith family gathered for Thanksgiving dinner. Each of their five children, including Sarah, made a dish to share at the dinner. From the clues below, can you discover who made the pumpkin pies?

  1. One brother made the cranberry salad, and a sister made the green salad.

  2. Jacob did not make the green bean casserole but one of his brothers did.

  3. Carolyn did not make the green salad.

  4. Ben’s sister made the sweet potatoes.

  5. Neither Adam nor Jacob made the cranberry salad.


  • One of the sisters made the green salad (clue #l). It could not be Carolyn (clue #3) so it had to be Sarah. Carolyn, then, must be the sister who made the sweet potatoes (clue #4). Neither Adam nor Jacob made the cranberry salad (clue #5), so Ben made it. Adam must be Jacob’s brother who made the green bean casserole (clue #2), so Jacob is the sibling who made the pumpkin pies.