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“Baptism,” Friend, May 2000, 35


Fill in each blank with the listed song title from the Children’s Songbook that fits best.

(1) ______ every year, but this year my birthday is going to be extra special. This year I will turn eight and be baptized a member of (2) ______ of Latter-day Saints. What are (3) ______ to get ready for my (4) ______? (5) ______ in sacrament meeting and Primary. I live (6) ______ by eating good food and by not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs. I know that (7) ______ (8) ______, Jesus Christ, to teach us the gospel. (9) ______ by following His example. I know that (10) ______ with Heavenly Father. (11) ______ I will be making a covenant with Heavenly Father to (12) ______ (13) ______, and do the things He asks me to do. After I’m baptized I will receive the gift of (14) ______. I will need to (15) ______ to the Holy Ghost if I want to hear (16) ______ He uses to help me choose the right.

a. “Baptism”

b. “Because God Loves Me”

c. “Follow the Prophet”

d. “He Died That We Might Live Again”

e. “He Sent His Son”

f. “I Like My Birthdays”

g. “I Will Try to Be Reverent”

h. “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus”

i. “Keep the Commandments”

j. “Listen, Listen”

k. “The Church of Jesus Christ”

l. “The Holy Ghost”

m. “The Still Small Voice”

n. “The Things I Do”

o. “The Word of Wisdom”

p. “When I Am Baptized”