Prayer and Fasting Work
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“Prayer and Fasting Work,” Friend, Apr. 2000, 48

Prayer and Fasting Work

Before I was baptized, I decided to invite my friend Thomas to church. He said OK, and we went to sacrament meeting and then to Primary. When everything was done, we went home.

I thought that next time I needed to invite every member of Thomas’s family to come to church. On the next fast Sunday, I decided to fast for Thomas and his family. In the morning when I got up, I prayed to Heavenly Father that all of Thomas’s family would agree to come to church. I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. I took the sacrament but had nothing else to eat or drink. During the day, I prayed about four times for Thomas and his family.

That night we went to the chapel to hear the Christmas Devotional broadcast from Salt Lake City, but the satellite dish wouldn’t work, so we sang Christmas hymns and bore testimonies instead. I got up and bore my testimony for the very first time, and I asked everyone to pray for my friend and his family. A couple of Sundays later, he and his family did come to church, and his mom is now taking the missionary discussions. I think prayer and fasting work.

Going to church can help you learn about Heavenly Father and all that He has given you. If you are a child like me, you can enjoy fun activities while you are learning. Jesus is our Savior, and if you don’t believe me, read the scriptures. I feel good because I can share this with other people, just like the Savior did. They need your help and mine.