Let’s Plant a Garden
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“Let’s Plant a Garden,” Friend, Apr. 2000, 30–31

Let’s Plant a Garden

Let’s plant a garden! Dig, dig, dig.

(Make shoveling motions with hands and arms.)

We’ll put in a seed and go pat, pat, pat.

(Bend down and pat the “dirt” with hands.)

Water it well with a spray, spray, spray.

(Pretend to spray a garden hose.)

Then the sun shines bright, big, and round like that.

(Clasp hands and form a large circle with arms above head.)

Now stand in our garden and watch, watch, watch.

(Form “binoculars” with hands, and look through them.)

Up comes a little sprout, pop, pop, pop!

(Palms up, move hands quickly up and down.)

It grows and it grows and it grows and it grows,

(Bend down, then slowly move hands up to waist height.)

’Til we can’t even reach the top, top, top!

(Reach hands up as high as possible.)

Illustrated by Julie F. Young