Handful of Scriptures

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“Handful of Scriptures,” Friend, Oct. 1999, 23

Handful of Scriptures

Complete this crossword puzzle by filling in all these scriptural events that are related to hands.

Crossword puzzle


  1. The Lord stretched out his hand and touched sixteen ________________ with His finger to make them shine and provide light for the Jaredite ships. (See Ether 3:6.)

  2. Pilate ________________ his hands before the multitude to show that he was not responsible for the Savior’s death. (See Matt. 27:24.)

  3. “Lay your hands upon the ________________, and they shall recover” (D&C 66:9).

  4. Nephi made a ________________ with his own hand. (See 1 Ne. 1:1, 3.)

  5. “________________ was ordained at the age of one hundred and thirty-four years and four months, by the hand of Adam” (D&C 107:44).

  6. ________________ _____ ________________ descended in a cloud of light, laid his hands upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, and ordained them to the Aaronic Priesthood. (See JS—H 1:68–72.)

  7. We receive the gift of the ________________ ________________ by the laying on of hands. (See Articles of Faith 1:4.)

  8. He that hath ________________ hands and a pure heart shall stand in the Lord’s holy place. (See Ps. 24:3–4.)

  9. “A man must be called of God, by ________________, and by the laying on of hands” (A of F 1:5).

  10. Christ touched the ________________ he had chosen with his hand and gave them the power to give the Holy Ghost. (See 3 Ne. 18:36–37.)


  1. The ________________ will roll forth as a stone cut out of a mountain without hands. (D&C 65:2.)

  2. When his brothers threatened him, Nephi stretched out his hand to them and “the Lord did ________________ them.” (See 1 Ne. 17:54.)

  3. The ________________ was to be revealed by the hand of Elijah. (See D&C 2:1.)

  4. Enoch was told by the Lord that men are the ________________ of His hands. (See Moses 7:32.)

  5. Christ invited the Nephites to thrust hands into His side and to feel the nail prints in His hands and ________________. (See 3 Ne. 11:14.)

  6. “Be thou ________________; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand (D&C 112:10).

  7. Alma ________________ (laid) his hands upon the missionaries traveling with him, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost. (See Alma 31:5–6, 36–38.)

  8. “The kingdom of ________________ is soon at hand” (Alma 5:28).

  9. Christ sits on the ________________ hand of God. (See Col. 3:1.)