Good Books for Little Friends

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“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Oct. 1999, 20

Good Books for Little Friends

God’s Quiet Things by Nancy Sweetland “Shh—Listen.” Look and listen for God’s quiet things—like raindrops on water, drifting clouds, fish swimming in ponds, and leaves moving in the breeze. They and more are in this book and all around, if you’ll shhh—listen.

Lily by Abigail Thomas Everything was right where it belonged, and that’s how Lily, a little black dog, liked it. Then one terrible morning, Lily’s bowl was gone, the rooms were filled with boxes, and the furniture began to disappear! Lily soon found, however, that even in a new house, everything can be right where it belongs.

The Hayloft by Lisa Westberg Peters Caroline Rose and Ivy live on a farm; they have sheep, cows, a cat named Hebby, and a giant hayloft. Sometimes Hebby hides in the hayloft. Sometimes Caroline Rose and Ivy hide from the rain in the hayloft. One night the girls decide to sleep in the hayloft with Hebby—and discover that Hebby isn’t their only roommate!

The Butterfly Seeds by Mary Watson Jake is sad to leave Grandpa and sail across the ocean to a new home. Grandpa gave each one of the family a gift to remember him by. His gift to Jake was “butterfly seeds.”