‘If I Were’ Game
November 1998

“‘If I Were’ Game,” Friend, Nov. 1998, 32

“If I Were” Game

If I were an elephant,

I’d sway and swing my trunk.

(Clasp hands and swing arms.)

And if I were a long-legged frog,

I’d leap in my pond—kerplunk!

(Make one big jump.)

If I were a bear,

I’d fish with my long, sharp claws.

(Spread fingers apart and swish for a fish.)

And if I were a tiger,

I’d creep lightly on my paws.

(Tiptoe in a small circle.)

If I were a rabbit,

I’d hop fast every day.

(Hop in a circle.)

But if I were a turtle,

I’d … go … slowly … all … the … way!

(Creep very slowly.)

Illustrated by Julie F. Young