Primary Scavenger Hunt
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“Primary Scavenger Hunt,” Friend, Oct. 1998, 24

Primary Scavenger Hunt

You and your mom are on a scavenger hunt as part of a Primary quarterly activity to help you appreciate all the natural goodness Heavenly Father has given us. You have a list of things to check off when you find them. In addition, letters of the alphabet have been hidden in some of the places.

You are the first team. Go to Start. Follow the directions along the way, and you will find the letters. As you find each one, write it in order on the blanks at the bottom of your list. The letters will spell a word that tells what you’ll be enjoying after the hunt.

No letter here, but fill your canteen at the water fountain, check off “Water” on your list, and go to the big oak tree.

Write down the letter in the hole, check off “Oak Tree,” and hurry over to the pond.

That isn’t a letter—it’s a frog on a lily pad. Check off “Lily Pads” and look for the large boulder.

That isn’t a letter, either—it’s a snake. Rest here a bit while you check off “Boulder,” then find a pile of leaves.

Jump in, then write the letter on the brown leaf, check off “Leaves,” and head for another big pile—acorns this time.

No letter here. The squirrel wishes you’d go away so he can finish storing these nuts, so check off “Acorns” and head for the hollow log.

Another letter for your checklist. While you write it and check off “Hollow Log,” your cap blows off. Luckily, you see it at the apple tree, where you should go next.

On a low branch, there’s an abandoned nest with a green apple in it but no letter. Check off “Nest” and try the next place, over by those moss-covered stones.

Aha! Another letter! Write it and check off “Mossy Stones.” Do you see the wild strawberries? The last letter may be there. …

Nope—no letter, but the berries taste wonderful. You eat just a few so that the others can have some too. Now check off “Strawberries,” then look under the big pine tree.

Hurray—the last letter! Write it down, don’t forget to check off “Pine Tree,” then hurry over to join the leaders and wait for the other children.

Scavenger Hunt List


Oak Tree

Lily Pads




Hollow Log


Mossy Stones


Pine Trees

___ ___ ___ ___ ___


Illustrated by Dick Brown