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“Moses,” Friend, Oct. 1998, 26


Moses is one of the best-known prophets. How many facts of Moses’ life can you recall? Fill in as many blanks as you can.

  1. The Lord appeared to Moses at a burning ____________. (See Ex. 3:1–4.)

  2. For a sign to the Egyptians, the Lord made Moses’ rod become a _____________ when he cast it on the ground. (See Ex. 4:2–5.)

  3. Because Moses was “slow of speech,” his brother, ______________, became his spokesman. (See Ex. 4:10–16.)

  4. When Pharaoh pursued the children of Israel to bring them back to Egypt as slaves, the Lord told Moses to lift his rod, and the Red Sea parted so that the people could pass through it on _______ ________. (See Ex. 14:5–9, 15–16, 21–22.)

  5. When there was no water for the children of Israel to drink, the Lord made water come out of the ______________ in Horeb when Moses hit it with a rod. (See Ex. 17:1, 5–6.)

  6. It was through Moses that the Lord revealed the _______ _____________. (See Ex. 19:9; Ex. 20:heading, Ex. 20:1–17.)