“Treasures,” Friend, Aug. 1998, 24


Let thy heart be full of thanks unto God (Alma 37:37).

Every day we receive blessings from our Father in Heaven. Even on days when we don’t feel very well or are not very happy, we still receive blessings. Maybe the sun is shining, or the flowers are blooming, or your mom gives you a glass of fresh fruit juice. Look around—there is something wonderful if you will just search. As a matter of fact, looking for those blessings each day will help you feel better and happier.

Make your own treasure chest of blessings. Find a box or a small chest of some kind. Then carefully remove pages 24 and 25 from this magazine, mount the Treasure Tags on a heavier piece of paper, and cut them out. Whenever you notice a blessing at home, write it (or have someone help you write it) on one of the home tags and put it in your treasure chest. When you notice a blessing from your family, write it on a heart tag. For blessings at school, write on the book tags; for blessings at church, church tags; for blessings of friendship, flower tags; for blessings in the neighborhood, tree tags; and for other blessings, there are square tags.

If you fill out a tag every time you think of a blessing, your treasure chest will soon be overflowing. After a few weeks, help plan a special family home evening on gratitude. Open your box or chest, and count and discuss your treasures with your family.

Treasure Tags

Blessings of Home

Blessings of Family

Blessings of Friendship

Blessings of School

Neighborhood Blessings

Blessings of Church

Other Blessings

Illustrated by Dick Brown