Follow Me

“Follow Me,” Friend, Aug. 1998, 40

Follow Me

I’ll walk with you. I’ll talk with you. That’s how I’ll show my love for you. (Children’s Songbook, pages 140–141.)

Zachary is a very kind little boy, and he is sensitive to the feelings of others. When Zac was attending preschool, a new little boy moved into town from another country and was in his class. Samuel*, the new boy, couldn’t speak English, a new language for him, and he was a little uncomfortable in his new class.

One day at school, Samuel was really sad and wanted his mom. The preschool teacher asked Zac if he would play with Samuel. Zac took Samuel by the hand, led him over to where the toys were, and they began to play together. Zac really tried to treat his classmate the way the Savior would want him to by becoming his friend.

Zachary Chad Bybee, age 4
Soda Springs Eighth Ward
Soda Springs Idaho Stake

Illustrated by Sherry Thompson