Good Books for Little Friends

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“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Feb. 1998, 19

Good Books for Little Friends

Giving by Shirley Hughes The little girl and her family give each other many things. Once in a while a bad thing is given, like when her little brother gives the big castle she made out of blocks a big swipe. But mostly they’re good things, like presents and hugs.

Valentine by Carol Carrick While Heather is helping Grandmother bake valentine cookies, Clover the sheep has three babies. She could only take care of two of them, so Heather and Grandmother take care of the sickliest lamb, which they name Valentine, of course.

First Grade Valentines by Joanne Ryder The students in Mrs. Lee’s first-grade class love making valentines and celebrating with iced cookies. This easy-to-read book also has simple, clear instructions for making an origami bunny.

Will You Be My Valentine? by Steven Kroll Thomas is thrilled to get to make a valentine for Gretchen, and he works hard on it. She doesn’t seem to like him, though, and he almost throws it away. But all ends happily, and they choose to be each other’s valentine.