Good Books for Little Friends

“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Sept. 1996, 20

Good Books for Little Friends

Pretend You’re a Cat by Jean Marzollo “Can you climb? / Can you leap? / Can you stretch? / Can you sleep? / Can you hiss? / Can you scat? / Can you purr / Like a cat? / What else can you do like a cat?” Beautiful pictures of children, a cat, and twelve more familiar animals illustrate the verses.

Just My Size by May Garelick The little girl received a beautiful coat that she wore and wore—even while playing tennis! Although she grew as time went by, the coat changed, too, and it was always just the right size.

Pig Pig Gets a Job by David McPhail Pig Pig is only a little pig, but he has big ideas about getting a job. He thinks about being a cook, a house builder, and an animal trainer (among other things). And his mother hires him to be all those things!

Waiting-for-Papa Stories by Bethany Roberts To help her children keep from worrying about Papa, Mama Rabbit tells them several cute imaginary stories about him while they wait for him to come home.

The Memory Box by Mary Bahr Gramps and Gram and Zach made the memory box of photos and written accounts of things that were special to them, such as the time Zach climbed the water tower, the time Gramps taught Zach’s mom to ride a bike and she rode over his foot, and the time they watched a raccoon watch them while it ate a trayful of cookies Gram had set on the picnic table to cool. And they made the box just in time. …