Sister Simon’s Saints

“Sister Simon’s Saints,” Friend, Sept. 1996, 39

Sister Simon’s Saints

Sister Simon’s Saints

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

  1. You’re unusually quiet, Mei Lin. Are you getting tired?

    No—it’s just that the forest is so beautiful and so … so … awesome that I don’t feel much like talking.

  2. I know that feeling very well. It’s called reverence.

    Why do I feel so reverent out here?

  3. Heavenly Father’s creations are full of His glory, and we can sense that. Why do you suppose Joseph Smith went to a grove of trees to pray?

    I wish I could always feel the same way in church.

  4. So do I. In the midst of beauty and silence, it’s easy to be reverent. But it’s hard to take these feelings back into the everyday world.

    Tell me about it!

  5. Our chapels are places of both worship and learning. One of the things we learn there is how to find stillness and peace even when we’re not alone in a forest. Tell me, when is it easiest for you to feel reverent in church?

    When the sacrament is being blessed and passed.

  6. That’s the key. When I find I’m losing a feeling of reverence, I think about the Savior. Maybe you could try that too.

    Thanks, Dad. I will.