Good Books for Little Friends

“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, July 1996, 31

Good Books for Little Friends

Seasons of Swans by Monica Wellington A very simply told story of a year in the life of a pair of swans. The illustrations are nice and big.

With Love from Gran by Dick Gackenbach The little boy loved to sit on Gran’s lap and help her shell peas. When she goes around the world, she sends something fascinating from, and typical of, each place. But her best present is her last one—herself!

Looking for Henry by Elaine Livermore Henry’s spots are such good camouflage that no one can see him, and that’s a problem. As he gets harder and harder to find in this clever hide-and-seek book, he learns how to make his camouflage useful and how to overcome the problem it caused him.

Ottie Slockett by Ida Luttrell Ottie told people that they were too lazy, too fat, or in some other way annoying, then couldn’t understand why they didn’t appreciate and like him. This very funny book with very funny pictures is very easy to read.

Two Travellers by Christopher Manson When Isaac journeys to Baghdad for his master, Emperor Charlemagne of France, he doesn’t know that he’ll return with a strange animal! More unexpected still is the friendship that grows between Isaac and the beast. Based on a true story.