When I Am Grown

“When I Am Grown,” Friend, July 1996, 33

When I Am Grown

1. When I am grown and earn my way,

I wonder what I’ll be.

Since I can’t tell the future,

I’ll just pretend and see.

2. I could be a doctor

and help to heal the sick.

If I take good care of them,

they might get better quick.

3. I could be an astronaut

and fly up into space.

I don’t know if there’s pizza there—

I’ll take some just in case.

4. A teacher helps the children

to learn to read and write.

I’d better study hard right now

so I can teach them right!

5. As a farmer, I’d till the soil

to grow vegetables or grain.

Surely Heavenly Father will bless me

when I pray to Him for rain.

6. There’s one thing that I’m certain

I really want to be.

I’ll proudly wear a name tag

when I’m a missionary!

Illustrated by Julie F. Young