Always Remember Him
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“Always Remember Him,” Friend, May 1996, inside front cover

“Always Remember Him”

(Adapted from an April 1995 general conference address. See Ensign, pages 25–26.)

And it shall be a testimony unto the Father that ye do always remember me (3 Ne. 18:7).

I would give unto you this one bit of counsel: “Always remember him” (Moro. 4:3).

I remember a family in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I met years ago: a father, a mother, and two teenage daughters who belonged to no church but read the Bible together every day. They pondered the Savior’s life and His words. When we found this family, they had already decided that Christ would have a church and that they should find it. They knew that it would have prophets and apostles at its foundation because that is what Christ had placed in His church when He lived on the earth. They knew that the resurrected Lord had appeared to His Apostles.

And so it seemed right to this family when we testified that God, the Father, and His Son, the Savior of the world, came to a boy prophet, Joseph Smith. And the Holy Spirit, which they also recognized, told them it was true. They recognized the truth, that this is the church of Jesus Christ, in large part because they had always remembered Him. Every day they had gathered to read about Him and His words, and so they remembered Him. And after they were baptized, they were ready to follow the living prophet because they knew that the Savior always speaks to His prophets to bless His people.

When I was baptized, I, too, promised to take His name upon me and always remember Him. And I will go wherever I am sent to continue to teach of Him and offer others the opportunity to take His name upon them and promise to always remember Him and keep His commandments. And if they accept that invitation, they will know what I know, what that family in New Mexico knew: God, our Father, lives. His Son, Jesus the Christ, did the will of the Father and atoned for all of our sins. Because of Him we will be resurrected. Because of His Atonement we may be exalted.

And if those who hear will take the Savior’s name upon them and always remember Him, and keep His commandments, He will take them home to His Father and our Father, where we may live forever in families.

Illustrated by Gregg Thorkelson