The Name Is the Game
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“The Name Is the Game,” Friend, May 1996, 26

The Name Is the Game

Each word listed is a man’s name and has a meaning too. Match each one with its correct definition.

1. Will

a. Narrow roadway

2. Mike

b. Lightly tap

3. Lane

c. Average

4. Nick

d. Beam of light

5. Bill

e. Object spoken into at a pulpit

6. Mark

f. Legal document

7. Ray

g. Starting line for a race

8. Bob

h. Short up-and-down motion of one’s head

9. Rod

i. Beak of a bird

10. Norm

j. Long, slender spear

11. Pat

k. Straight stick cut from a tree

12. Glen

l. To notch or chip

13. Frank

m. Small, secluded valley

14. Lance

n. Not poor

15. Rich

o. Honest, outspoken