Good Books for Little Friends

“Good Books for Little Friends,” Friend, Jan. 1996, 32

Good Books for Little Friends

You Be Good & I’ll Be Night by Eve Merriam Fun and clever pictures illustrate fun and clever poems such as “Lunch box, lunch box, / what’s for lunch? / Peanut butter sandwich / and celery to crunch, / carrots and banana / and an apple to munch. / A bite and a bite / and a bite and a BITE, / now I’m heavy / and my lunch box is light.”

The Fox’s Egg by Ikuyo Isami “In old stories,” the author says, “foxes are described as bad and sly. I have always believed there must be a good, humorous fox somewhere in the world.” The fox in her book finds an egg. What do you think happens to it?

The Three Little Pigs as retold by James Marshall If you’ve been looking for the original story, this version is it. But though the point about the folly of being lazy is clear, the art will not cause any nightmares.

Water’s Way by Lisa Westberg Peters As Tony watches the water change from vapor to rain to vapor to snow outside, you can see what he sees and more, for the water inside his house changes right along with the water outside it.