Dollars and Cents

“Dollars and Cents,” Friend, Jan. 1996, 26

Dollars and Cents

Complete these popular expressions by writing the correct kind or amount of money in each blank.

  1. A __________ for your thoughts.

  2. A warm, sunny smile is sometimes called a __________-dollar smile.

  3. A grand is a slang expression for a __________ dollars.

  4. A store where all the items are low priced is called a __________ store.

  5. George Washington was said to have thrown a ____ ________ across the Delaware River.

  6. A shave and a haircut used to cost _____ ________.

  7. “__________ from Heaven” (song title).

  8. A century note is another name for a __________ dollars.

  9. As sound as a __________ is an expression often used in describing someone in exceptional health.

  10. When a person expresses an opinion, we often say that he puts in his ____ ________ worth.