Father’s Day Gifts

“Father’s Day Gifts,” Friend, June 1995, 26

Father’s Day Gifts

Pencil Holder

To make this gift, you will need: an empty clear glass jar or soup can (make sure there are no sharp edges around the top), old magazines, scissors, clear-drying glue, a small dish, water, and several new pencils.

  1. Remove the label, then wash and dry the jar or can.

  2. Find words or pictures in old magazines that describe or remind you of your dad and cut them out. Glue the clippings on the jar or can until it is completely covered. Let dry.

  3. Put some glue into a small dish, thin it with a little water, and mix. With your fingers, spread the glue mixture lightly over all the clippings and let dry.

  4. Place the pencils in the holder, and your gift is ready!

Dandy-Sandy Picture

To make a picture, you will need: a pencil, medium sandpaper, crayons, a cookie sheet, and an oven (use with an adult’s help).

  1. With the pencil, sketch a simple picture on the rough side of the sandpaper. You could also include the word “Dad,” but make sure that the letters are big enough to color.

  2. Color the picture and letters (if included), pushing down hard with the crayon. Color until the sandpaper barely shows through. The more colors you use in your picture, the prettier it can be.

  3. Place the sandpaper picture on a cookie sheet. Ask an older person to heat the oven to 250° F (120° C). When it is heated, place the cookie sheet on the center rack. Keep the oven door open and watch the crayon melt in a few seconds. Have the older person remove the cookie sheet, then let your picture cool.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki; Photos by Maren Mecham