Jürgen Hiller of Vienna, Austria

“Jürgen Hiller of Vienna, Austria,” Friend, June 1995, 20

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Jürgen Hiller of Vienna, Austria

Eight-year-old Jürgen Hiller’s parents are very important to him. He is very grateful that his father is alive and doing well. On August 31, 1992, Jürgen’s father woke up in a hospital. While driving to work, he had been in a terrible car accident. His spine was injured, and both thighs were broken. The doctors said that it was doubtful that he would live and that if by some miracle he did, that he would be paralyzed for life.

But the Hiller family believes in miracles. Through fasting and many prayers, Brother Hiller lived and was not paralyzed. Jürgen and his family are thankful for a Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.

They attend the Vienna Second Ward, Vienna Austria Stake, where Sister Hiller teaches Relief Society and Brother Hiller serves in a stake calling. Jürgen enjoys his CTR class in Primary and is proud to wear his CTR ring. He recently joined the Scouts and can’t wait to go to his first activity.

An active boy, he enjoys riding his bike, swimming, and ice-skating. He also likes to read comic books, draw, and watch television. In school, he always has fun participating in gymnastics, especially rope climbing and performing tricks on the rings. His favorite game at school is Ball über dieSchnur (Ball over the Rope). It is played with a rope dividing two teams. One team throws the ball over the rope, and the other team tries to catch it before it hits the ground. If the team doesn’t catch the ball, it gets a point. The team with the fewest points wins the game.

Jürgen’s sisters, Verena (12) and Katerin (4), are an important part of his life too. They have a good time working and playing together. Hoovering (vacuuming), taking out the garbage, and cleaning their rooms are a few of the chores they take turns doing. They also take care of their pet cat, Petzi, and Piggi, the guinea pig. Their father and mother are pleased with the way the children work together and help each other. Their father is very pleased that they discuss whose turn it is to do a particular chore and then do it.

The children enjoy making crafts and playing games together. “Men Don’t Get Annoyed” is their favorite board game. It’s always a challenge not to get annoyed when someone throws your playing piece out of the game, making you start over. Katerin likes the game so well that she’ll play it by herself when her brother and sister aren’t home.

Like Jürgen, Katerin loves doing things with the family. She also has fun playing with the children who live in their apartment complex and riding her bike. Whenever possible, she likes to be the last one out of bed—unlike Jürgen, who is the family alarm clock in the morning.

At school Verena enjoys math, English, art, and physical education. She attends a special school for sports such as swimming, gymnastics, and jazz aerobics. She enjoys participating in the sports competitions the school sponsors. She and Jürgen have fun playing ball together.

During the summer, the family does a lot of bike riding together. They like to ride their bikes to The Prater, a favorite park and recreation area. Often they store their bikes at a park in lower Austria so that they can enjoy bike riding in that part of the country.

Christmas is a special time of the year for Jürgen and his family. On the afternoon of December 24, the family eats a special lunch together and plays games. When it is dark outside, they light candles on their Christmas tree, then exchange gifts. The next two days are spent visiting with relatives and friends.

Jürgen would like to be a policeman someday because he knows that it is important to help other people. And he’s already putting that attitude into practice by helping his parents and sisters.

Photos by Corliss Clayton

1. Jürgen, playing in the sand

2. Katerin holding Piggi

3. Verena

4. The Hiller family

5, 6. Riding their bikes

7. Playing a game together