Green Words

“Green Words,” Friend, Mar. 1995, 46

Green Words

Match each “green” word with its meaning.

1. Greens

a. Building for growing plants

2. Greenhorn

b. Ability to grow plants easily

3. Green thumb

c. Male mallard duck

4. Greenroom

d. World’s largest island

5. Green soap

e. Seller of fresh vegetables and fruit

6. Green Beret

f. Leafy vegetables like spinach

7. Greenhouse

g. Region of farmland

8. Greengrocer

h. Product used for mild skin diseases

9. Greenland

i. Place for performers when they are offstage

10. Greenhead

j. U.S. Army Special Forces unit

11. Greenback

k. Immature person or beginner

12. Greenbelt

l. U.S. paper money