Mother Goose Splits

“Mother Goose Splits,” Friend, Mar. 1995, 5

Mother Goose Splits

Here are some lines from familiar Mother Goose rhymes. See if you can figure out how to read each one, then write down the beginning of the rhyme.

Example: “Whol, I’ve din as hoe” is “Who lived in a shoe,” and the first words are “There was an old woman.”

  1. Tose eaf in ela dyup onaw hit eh or se

  2. Thes heep sint heme a dow

  3. Al ong cam easp I der

  4. A ret hech ild renin the irbeds

  5. Satin acorn er

  6. Hem arc hed the mup tot he to poft hehill

  7. Shem ade so met arts