Mother’s Day Crafts

    “Mother’s Day Crafts,” Friend, May 1994, 19

    Mother’s Day Crafts

    Gardening Gloves

    To make some fun, personalized gardening gloves, you will need: solid-color cloth gardening gloves (make sure you have the right size) and waterproof felt-tip pens.

    1. Lay the gloves on a table and draw a flower on each fingertip.

    2. Draw a flowerpot or a big bow at the wrist of each glove. Draw leafy stems connecting the flowers to pot or bow, Personalize your gift by writing “Mom” or your mom’s name on the flowerpot or near the bow.

    “Stained-Glass” Window Hanging

    To make a picture your mom can hang in a window, you will need: scratch paper, 2 pieces of black construction paper, scissors, different colors of tissue paper, glue, and string.

    1. Sketch a simple drawing, with large sections to cut out (see illustration) on the scratch paper. You might want to try a butterfly, the sun, a star, hearts, or an abstract design.

    2. Trace the drawing onto both pieces of black construction paper. Cut the shapes out, including the hole sections (see illustration).

    3. Using one of the shapes, cut pieces of tissue paper a little larger than the holes, then glue the tissues over the holes.

    4. Glue a piece of string to the top of the shape (on the tissue-paper side), place the other shape against the tissue-paper side (matching up the holes), and glue them together.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki