Word Wise

    “Word Wise,” Friend, May 1994, 43

    Word Wise

    It’s fun to learn new words. Test your understanding of the following eight words by finishing each sentence correctly. Feel free to use the dictionary.

    1. If you had a timbrel, you would

      1. pitch it.

      2. stitch it.

      3. play it in the band.

    2. If you had an Appaloosa, you would

      1. slide it.

      2. ride it.

      3. make a pie with it.

    3. If you had some piccalilli, you would

      1. beat it.

      2. eat it.

      3. take it for a walk.

    4. If you had a mastiff, you would

      1. feed it.

      2. weed it.

      3. attach it to a boat.

    5. If you had a heliotrope, you would

      1. blow it.

      2. grow it.

      3. take cough syrup for it.

    6. If you had a gimlet, you would

      1. bake it.

      2. rake it.

      3. use it to bore little holes.

    7. If you had some lentils, you would

      1. hook them.

      2. cook them.

      3. wear them only in winter.

    8. If you had a dinghy, you would

      1. row it.

      2. hoe it.

      3. eat it with peanut butter.


    • (1) c, (2) b, (3) b, (4) a, (5) b, (6) c, (7) b, (8) a.